Multi-family Home Inspection in Central Phoenix

As with many of the home inspection inquiries, I received a message via phone from the buyer. After we confirmed the date and time, I coordinated with the listing agent for access to the property. The final part of this process includes the contract which the buyer needs to sign prior to starting the job.

Process for a Multi-Family Home Inspection in Phoenix

For the past 14 years, I developed a process and protocol for the inspections to help increase efficiencies and maintain consistency across all properties. The following are the steps I take during the inspection process:

  • Started with exterior assessment for a bird’s eye view of property. Keeping an eye out for landscape formations or obvious issues.
  • Structural inspection began on the roof. Unit by unit attic access of each, line out and label HVAC systems and ensured understanding of what unit is associated with each unit or part of the house.
  • Evaluated performance of each unit, made comments accordingly
  • Checked exterior electrical panels checking for wiring. Line out each wiring to ensure proper gauging for power demand.
  • Examine exterior wall cladding and roof overhangs Interior inspection commenced by examining each of the following for operational and functional use as well as physical appearance and made necessary comments in report along with pictures:
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical (service entrance, all devices and visible wiring)
    • Windows
    • Appliances
    • Hot Water (and Hot Water Heater)
    • Plumbing
    • Smoke Detectors
    • Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks
    • Cooling capacity of air conditioner systems
  • In-ground pool inspection included the following: examination of the pool itself, equipment pool liner, pool deck, filter, stairs, steps, ladders, lining and motors or machinery for filtration or other purposes. To thoroughly finish the job, I also took a close look at the above ground plumbing, drains, vacuums, grounding, metal objects to ensure all were properly grounded.

This multi-family home inspection was conducted by myself and took around 4 hours, with about 1 hour dedicated to the exterior and another 45 minutes to each interior unit. The fee for this particular building inspection was $600.00.  for 4 units. Each unit was aproximately 850 sq ft. 

What to Expect After Your Home Inspection

The report was uploaded to the server is was live for viewing immediately. The home inspection report was accessible anytime, anywhere for convenience.

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