Ready to Sell? Take advantage of our Pre-listing Home Inspection Program

Residential home inspection in Phoenix

How The Program Works:

  1. Schedule the Pre-Sale Home and Termite Inspection online or by phone (602) 717-5399.
  2. Upon completion view the report online.
  3. Address and correct any items that may need to be corrected.*
  4. Schedule the re-inspection and The Inspection People will come back and check off the items that have been satisfactorily completed that will then be prominently reflected in the updated report.
  5. Email updated reports to buyers
  6. Inquire about our home warranty offer to cover all inspected items until closing.**

The Benefits of a Pre-sale or Pre-listing Home Inspection:

  • Knowledge is power. Know the condition of your asset! 
  • Get a jump on any repairs that might delay the closing.
  • Eliminate variables for you and the prospective buyer. Instill confidence that there will be no surprises to derail the contract.
  • Confidence builds trust; this proactive measure instills a sense of trust in a buyer that will put them at ease.
  • Take care of any issues at your own pace. Don’t wait until the last minute. Being in a time crunch always costs more money!*

Home Inspection Pricing:

  • Up to 1000 square feet the fee for the entire service is $500.00.
  • 1000 to 2000 square feet the fee for the entire service is $600.00.
  • 2000 to 3000 square feet the fee for the entire service is $700.00.
  • 3000 to 4000 square feet the fee for the entire service is $800.00.
  • Over 4000 square feet please call for a quote.
  • We will also take payment out of escrow at closing for an additional $150.00 per inspection contracted. This way there are NO OUT OF POCKET costs for anybody!!

Schedule Now!

*It is not incumbent on anybody to fix anything but the report provides a solid, professional opinion of the overall condition of the home and there will be no surprises at the last minute. **Home warranty is provided to the property seller and covers warranted, fully operational items and systems up to the date of close. This warranty can be transferred and extended to the buyer at the buyers’ or seller’s request.