“Iain Findlay is an expert at inspecting a potential new buyer of a house for minor or serious problems. I was so very happy with Iain’s inspection of the home I am buying in March 2016 and grateful for the different problems many other inspectors would have totally missed. I recommend Iain if you are buying a new or older home to do your inspections as it will save you headaches in the future. On a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the highest I give Iain a 10 and if 20 were a choice that I would choose. Sincerely, Brenda K. Vold buyer of older home.”
- B.V., January 2016

“Iain is knowledgeable and positive. Some inspectors have a way of making repairs sound like a”Doom’s Day Event”! He answers questions for the buyers and Realtor on “How To Fix-it” and approximates the cost when asked. I Highly Recommend Iain AND his window washing service is a 10+.”
- M.D., Phoenix AZ, April 2015

“Iain was professional, friendly, and extremely detailed in his verbal and written reports. I love that he is knowledgeable yet can articulate in ways that a layman like myself can understand!”
- L.E., GOODYEAR AZ, April 2015

“Absolutely outstanding service. Iain is professional, punctual and very efficient. His knowledge and expertise are second to none. He brought issues to our attention that may have been missed and saved us from what could have been an absolute nightmare, potentially costing us our life savings. He would be worth every penny at twice the price and we will not purchase a property without an inspection from him. Thanks Iain, you have our gratitude and recommendation always.” 
- H.W., Laveen AZ, April 2015

“Professional , competent and comprehensive inspector. Please to work with. I would recommend to anyone needing an inspection.”
- C.M., March 2015

“Very professional and thorough. Great follow-up to questions and calls.” 
- B.K., April 2014

“Ian Findlay is a true professional. His knowledge can’t be beat. He works well with clients and Realtors. I wouldn’t buy a house without his approval.”
- B.G., March 2014

“Nobody does it better Al and Jean Batson HomeSmart”
- J.B., March 2014

“I found your inspection very complete, It saved us from over paying for the property, and at this point we are backing out of the purchase. Thank You, Dave & Olive Kreiser”
- O.K., January 2014

“Great job for me!!! Iain explained all that he did to be sure my new house was fine and letting me know that I did not need to worry about what needed fixing. He is an asset to The Inspection People and you can be sure I will recommend you highly. Riza Krafts”
- R.K., December 2013

“Lain was on time and handled the situation very well when the code to access the key to the home was invalid. He started on the roof and finished the roof inspection just as he was getting the correct code. Lain inspected everything. I say everything because I followed him. He tried to explain all the pool values and actually identify their functions as he operationally tested the pool system. He moved several items to get clear views of the walls to complete a thorough termite inspection. He offered advice on some of the appliances, based on his vast experience, which provided feedback to weigh while making a decision. If I were to buy another home, I would hire Lain to inspect it and give me the peace of mind that I knew the exact condition of the home I was purchasing. Richard Espinoza”
- R.E., Mesa AZ, December 2013

“We were very happy with the inspection and report. Lain was very thorough and his documentation was easy to understand. The photos and videos he supplied were of tremendous help in understanding various issues with the listing. I would recommend him to friends and family.”
- R.S., October 2013

“We were very impressed with your thorough inspection and would recommend your company. Thanks again, Tom and Judy”
- T.H., Phx AZ, October 2013

“I used Iain for multiple home inspections and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.” 
- M.M., August 2013

“Iain was very helpful with the inspection, He answered all of our questions and gave really good advice. Thanks Iain”
- C.H., August 2013

“Iain was outstanding as our inspector. He took the time to go through the entire house with us and one by one showed us the discrepencies in the home. Very nice guy and very good at what he does.” 
- R.R., August 2013

“Iain’s report was through and comprehensive. He obviously knows his trade. He responded promptly to my enquiries & acted quickly to resolve Internet/server issues. I would definitely recommend him and utilize him in the future.”
- G.M., August 2013

“Iain is very thorough and does a fabulous job of explaining issues to the Buyer.”
- J.B., August 2013

“I was impressed by his knowledge and skill to diagnose root causes for issues found on our structure. I am very happy with the inspection performed it has given me a valuable resource in prioritizing and addressing the maintenance needed not just the ones that were cosmetic. Thank you for your service.”
- N.F., August 2013

“Iain was thorough, accommodating, and explained things well – very helpful.”
- B.B., Scottsdale AZ, July 2013

“Karen & Jim Heisler were very impressed by the timely manner of this project. We didn’t have to wait to have this inspection done and he checked everything. I feel very confident that I can buy this house and move in soon.” 
- K.H., June 2013

“Very thorough inspection.”
- D.G., June 2013

“I was unable to attend the inspection as I live in Los Angeles but Iain was very professional during our phone conversations. He provided great feedback and suggestions. I would use his services for future home inspections. Job well done.”
- R.R., May 2013

“Other home inspections I’ve had done I was pretty much handed a binder and they walked away. Iain not only met with me to explain everything he showed me the specific items that needed attention. Iain knows his houses and what is involved to resolve issues identified during the inspection. The inspection results were provided nearly immediately in digital copy which is honestly much more useful than a binder copy. I would definitely seek out Iain again for any future home inspection needs.” 
- S.Q., May 2013

“Thank you Iain”
- D.G., April 2013

“He was pleasant to work with and very detailed with his work. I loved all of the photos and videos added to the report. It really made it alot easier to understand what he was explaining.”
- K.L., April 2013

“Iain, dose a VERY complete inspection and goes over it during and at the end of the inspection.”
- S.D., April 2013

“Iain, enjoyed the experience and appreciated the time to you took to explain what we were seeing as well as the detail in the excellent detailed report. I will be in touch for some of the other services you offer. I have your number.”
- D.C., April 2013

“I found Ian to be very professional and friendly. He performed the job efficiently and accurately, and his report was easy to understand with descriptions and pictures showing all areas of concern.”
- G.S., April 2013

“Very professional, did his best. Will use if needed again.”
- I.I., March 2013

“I wasn’t able to attend the inspection, so I called Iain to follow up. I had a few questions after reviewing the report, which was very detailed and covered everything that I had hoped it would. He was professional and extremely helpful in answering my questions. I would definitely recommend Iain.”
- K.C., March 2013

“Iain was very thorough and explained things in laments terms so that they were easy to understand.”
- A.W., March 2013

“I have used (The Inspection People) several times for home and termite inspections. He is very knowledgeable and professional and very good at explaining the problems he detects to the buyer in a way that does not make them apprehensive about buying the house. Iain is very accessible if the buyer has questions concerning the inspection even days later.”
- I.B., October 2012

“Thanks for the good advice.” 
- K.L., September 2012

“Thorough, knowledgeable, courteous, reasonable cost and punctual. I love that the termite and home inspection are done at the same time for one price! Well done!” 
- I.B., August 2012